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What’s your favorite beauty tip from a friend?

March 28, 2009

I often get told that I look like whichever friend I’ve been hanging out with a lot at the time. When I lived with a close friend in college, my own sister kept insisting that we both looked like twins. Another girl I lived with in the city is always mistaken for my sister. And just a few weeks ago after dinner in Brooklyn with a friend visiting from Chicago, the server asked us if we’re related.

Put us all in a room though and we look nothing alike. Then it hit me: I’m always trading beauty tips with my girls, so maybe our makeup styles are just converging. It has to be part of it, don’t you think?? Take a look at your lady group and let me know if you notice the same thing.

Looking back, I think I picked up some of the best usable beauty tidbits from friends than even some magazines. Ayesha introduced me that lighter lip gloss shades do work and can glam up a look fast (Hellooo Bonne Bell Vanilla Swirl and Cappuccino!). Kareema introduced me to the world of bronzers, like her favorite Prescriptives one at the time, and I’ve never been able to go back.

Sharing time! I’m curious, what are some tips you’ve picked up from your girls?


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