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Sunday brunch in the city: Sarabeth’s

March 30, 2009

Indulging at Sarabeth's

One thing I love in life is weekend brunch. I just love the idea of rolling out of bed and having the first outing of the day consisting of good food and catching up with friends. I’ve always heard of Sarabeth’s south of Central Park in midtown, but finally went for the first time only a few months ago when my friend Rahela invited me to join her and some of her friends from out of town for brunch.

Their dapper interior includes walls lined with zebra-print booths and spacious round tables for big parties, like our 10-person strong crew, that gave us ample room to enjoy our orders of omelettes and French toast. Prices are comparable to other midtown restaurant locales for brunch, ranging from $7-$16. Sidenote: make sure your whole group arrives on time – they don’t seat you unless you’re all there!

Have you ever eaten here? Do you have any other brunch recommendations?

More pictures of the Garden Omelette with a pumpkin muffin side ($14), Apple-Cinnamon French Toast ($15.50), and Cream of Tomato Soup ($9) and some below!

Restaurant Info:
Sarabeth’s – Central Park South

40 Central Park South
btw Fifth and Sixth Avenues
New York, NY 10019

More locations on the UWS, UES, and Chelsea are listed on their website here.


4 thoughts on “Sunday brunch in the city: Sarabeth’s

  1. sometimesalways

    I remember this meal. God, it was awesome!!! I’m pining for it especially since I missed breakfast to get to work this morning. Drooling as I write this e-mail.

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