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Godiva has a crush on me.

April 1, 2009

Why else would they send this cute assortment of truffles to me at work? It’s from their limited edition Ice Cream Parlor Truffle Collection, and they are just as good as they look. Love the chocolate scooper detail (see below). Ha!

Look, I’m allowed one (literal) Sugar Daddy, OK?

Flavors include neapolitan, mint, oranges & Creme, pecan caramel Sundae, Hazelnut Gelato, and Coffee Gelato, and will be in stores starting July 3rd ($44/lb. or $13.50 for 5 pieces).


5 thoughts on “Godiva has a crush on me.

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    If I were to pick my best friend, who is always there for me in times of need – when I’m feeling down or just when I need some cheering up – I think I would choose Godiva.

    Ok, maybe it’s not my BEST friend, but it’s close enough. Have you ever tried to Godiva shakes that they make at the store? They are sinfully delicious; they also do hot chocolate in the colder months and, while I’ve never tried it, I’m sure it packs enough substance to merit the $4+ price. You can even make it at home: as is the case with a lot of their stuff.

  2. shyema

    i have had their shakes actually — and they re truly how you describe them. Didn’t know they had recipes though…a godiva shake party sounds amazing right about now.

  3. Hajera

    those look so good. do they actually have some type of gelato inside? is it just creamy? yumm!

  4. shyema

    Oh yeah I should have clarified, it’s just the chocolate or flavored cream inside (no ice cream!)…but I guess they’re just comparing it to the ice cream flavors and looks. Still yummy!

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