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Male Beauty: Shaving Art worth the price?

April 2, 2009

OK so I had a request, or maybe more so of a complaint, by a friend (whom I will refer to only as Carson Daly) for more man-products 😉 .

I have some things in mind, but I actually wanted to pose a question first: How much would you invest in your shaving tools? I’ve known about The Art of Shaving company for a while now, a high end male-focused shaving essentials brand, and I always thought their sets would make a nice gift, but they’re also pretty up there price-wise (their shaving sets start at $295).

The Art of Shaving Compact shaving kit, $295

The Art of Shaving Compact shaving kit, $295

The brush/razor combo looks classic old-school but with their ivory and chrome handles, or black nickel-plated ones like the one shown above, they look almost too valuable to use on the daily.

But maybe I’m wrong — tell me, would you like this as a gift and actually use it, or do you prefer your electric ones? Would you buy it yourself? Just asking as a curious gal who thinks ladies can benefit from this knowledge (guys, we can’t help ya unless we know!), and to appease Mr. Daly — but more the former :).


3 thoughts on “Male Beauty: Shaving Art worth the price?

  1. carson daley

    this type of gift would be cool to display on your bathroom counter top but the brush is pretty irrelevant since most decent shaving cremes are easily applied by hand. i think another thoughtful gift would be money better spent.

  2. shyema

    wow interesting — i thought since it’s so ‘luxurious’ it would make anyone happy; but i get that it’s more about practicality. Thi would probably be more of something ‘nice thing’ to have or show, but not necessarily better.

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