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Product Review: Philosophy’s Makeup Optional

April 2, 2009

Yaay to guest bloggers! Here’s my friend Jess’ review on her favorite new acne-fighting product:

Jess B.'s very own Makeup Optional kit, $78

Jess' very own Makeup Optional kit, $78

“I have tried everything to not only treat my acne, but to also get the glowing hue I see on on TV and my small-pored friends, but nothing worked for me — not Proactiv, Clean & Clear Acne System, Neutrogena Complete Acne therapy system, Avon Clearskin, nor all the in between over-the-counter scrubs and washes. I finally went to Philosophy. I have been using their Hope in a Jar moisturizer ($28, a must have) and have been in love with it since, so I thought I’d try their acne treatment system, Makeup Optional.

“Even though they also have another acne treatment system called On a Clear Day ($65), I decided to try Makeup Optional because I’m in my mid 20s and now into combination treatments that fight bad skin and signs of aging, like this one! It has three versions for different skin types, but for acne prone, you want to get the one for “Congested Skin”. I love that it was gentle and has a tightening effect, minimizing the appearance of large pores. The three-week supply of the Microdelivery Peel in the kit feels like you’re getting a facial at home and smells so good you want to eat it..but uh..don’t.

“It’s $78, which may seem like a lot but it easily lasts about four months. I ended up saving money compared to when I was buying all those other products. I may get my usual breakouts here and there but they are nothing like before and go away a lot faster.

“I bought this at Sephora because of their amazing return policy which takes back even used products, so if you’re like me and REALLY have tried everything out there then give this a shot. You have nothing to lose, except hopefully your makeup!”

-Jess B.

Have any of you tried this or any other Philosophy skin products? How did it work for you?

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Philosophy’s Makeup Optional

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I used Philosophy ‘Cinnamon Buns’ body lotion and shower gel after a friend gifted them to me for my birthday a year ago, and I loved them. The lotion was great for long-lasting prevention of dry skin, because it’s so rich and creamy that it really seems to sink into your skin. And, of course, it was nice and glittery with a yummy scent. :)

  2. shyema

    ohh i need to try that — i have a shower gel from them i’m waiting to break out. Also, started getting this weird dryness around my eyes for the first time and just put a little ‘Hope in a Jar’ on it…worked beautifully!

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