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Say it 3x fast: White chocolate passion fruit pistachio mousse

April 3, 2009

I hope you know how silly I felt repeating the above to myself all the way from cafeteria to desk (I really did) just so I can share this tongue-twister of a dessert with you…the things I do for you guys. The eco-friendly Hearst cafe is always rotating desserts, and behold, my $2.50 treat:

A scoop of white chocolate mousse that houses a tangy passion fruit-flavored center, placed over a bed of crushed pistachio nuts, and topped with dried passion fruit slices. I can see a lot of people thinking the flavors together are a little unusual, and personally, not I’m not a huge passion fruit fan, but this was tangy and unexpected. Light and sweet.


2 thoughts on “Say it 3x fast: White chocolate passion fruit pistachio mousse

  1. Sarah

    White cocolate, pistachio, and passion fruit? this sounds like a combination of all things i abhor. sorry. try again.

  2. shyema

    hahaha, sk, not lying when I say i knew this was weird enough to have you be the first one to reply in the negative…totally thought of you when i wrote this :)

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