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“Shake Shack” is not just fun to say…

April 3, 2009

…But it’s also my favorite affordable burger joint so far in New York. The one we went to is literally a stand in the middle of Madison Square Park with outdoor seating. The line is usually ridiculously long — expect at least a 20 min wait midday — but we were lucky tonight and waited less than ten. OK fine, we had some people holding our place (thanks Farah + Co.) but STILL the line was decently short even after we got there!

I’m not particularly proud of my amateur, hastly-shot-before-devoured pictures of the Shack and Shroom burgers below, but yeah. Blame the night. Blame the poor lighting. Blame it on the goose. But trust me, it’s so so good…salted just right and tender. Please don’t make me sad by coming to NY and not trying it. That will hurt my feelings. Thanks.

Also try their cheese fries ($3.75) and hand-spun shakes ($5.25)…mmmmmmmmm.

Shack burger, $4.75; ‘Shroom burger, $6.50

Restaurant Info:
Shake Shack
SE corner of Madison Square Park
nr. Madison Ave., and E. 23rd St.
Murray Hill

also at
366 Columbus Ave.
at 77th St.


8 thoughts on ““Shake Shack” is not just fun to say…

  1. shyema

    yup, the Shroom burger I mentioned above is vegetarian…although I’ve never had it..It says it’s ‘crispified portobello with muenster and cheddar cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato,and shack sauce.’ sounds delish.

  2. shyema

    Also, my friend Sana J. who had the Shroom burger weighed in via text haha: “It was good. Crunchy and good consistency, but I thought they should use a wheat bun or something.”

  3. Shoaib

    I think you need to try Zip Burger (midtown east) and Good Burger (45th /5th — although there are several). I’d say shake shack is on par w/ those but not superior.

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