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Look, I don’t mean to scare you too, but…

April 5, 2009

I literally just heard a story yesterday that confirms my eyelash curler-phobia is not completely unfounded! My friend told me that she was using her Revlon curler one day, and she wanted it exta curled, so while pressing down already, she tightened her grip – and that’s when she felt a unfamiliar pinch. She opened her curler and freaked out to see half her left eye’s lash line gone (why, hello there Shyema’s nightmare)!

She was horrified, though her lashline is a bit sparse to begin with, so with a little black eyeliner, she said people didn’t notice as much. She also said her curler did have a some mascara crud on it which probably contributed to axing her lashes. Thankfully, they grew back after a couple months.

So, there you go, I’m not crazy; but on a separate note, make sure you clean your curlers before using!!


3 thoughts on “Look, I don’t mean to scare you too, but…

  1. Hajera

    WOW!!! I never even thought that was possible..I dont remember the last time my curler didnt have mascara all over it!! Im definitely cleaning it the minute I get home.

  2. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Ah…this reiterates the same fear I pointed out in your prior post on the same subject. I think the moral of the story is the avoid those damn curlers. You’d think they’d have invented an easier way to do this by now. It is, after all, only 2009…

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