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Oh my gloss: Smashbox Desert Chic

April 7, 2009

Good grief. I have a few favorite lip glosses, but this one has everyone sneaking into my makeup bag. I’m simultaneously stocking up as well, lest the scarcity of this limited-edition product leaves me scouring Sephora for a less-than-adequate replacement.

Smashbox Desert Chic Lip Enhancing Gloss in Sand, is normally $18, though it’s on sale right now at on (2 for $13!). It’s a light, sheer golden beige color, and pairs nicely when you’re playing up your eyes with dark shadows; or even if you’re going for the bare-beachy look with just a little bronzer and nude lips that Cali girls do so well. And don’t worry, ‘Lip Enhancing’ doesn’t mean it’s a plumper that contains irritants. Just that it gives a smooth luster without the glittery shimmer. I also love it because it’s not really a seasonal look — I’ve used it year-round and it looks frosty in the winter, and in the summer it looks, well, chic.

I’m not kidding when I say I stocked up…I mean like I just bought 6 of them so I’m covered for at least 8 years, says my journalist math.

What are some of your favorite lip glosses? Do share.


6 thoughts on “Oh my gloss: Smashbox Desert Chic

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Lip gloss is part of my essential daily ware. I’m usually minimalist when it comes to makeup in the day, in fact I’m most often found in just eye pencil on the lower lid and an understated gloss.

    A favorite of mine would be Viva Glam VI from MAC’s Tinted Lipglass line ( second row, sixth from right). It’s a soft muave that works really well for day wear, and then of course you can bust out the more dramatic tones for parties/more glamorous occasions.

    It runs a pretty good duration, too…I’ve definitely gorged on food only to find that the gloss is still relatively in place.

  2. Sabine

    after reading this entry, i IMMEDIATELY went to and purchased the lip gloss. yes, i made the purchase without even sampling the product or even seeing it in person for that matter! all this was prompted by your wonderful article. your article made me want to go out and get this product- no questions asked. i should be getting the gloss in a week or two, will definitely keep you posted :)

    thanks shy…keep the convincing entries coming :)

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