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The recession can suck it: BATF’s first beauty giveaway!

April 9, 2009

Because I think all you BATF loyalists rock and should indulge in the products I love, I’m excited to announce my very first giveaway!

I’m giving away products over the next month from creator Allison Gallo‘s skincare line, Face It which I also rave about on Marie Claire‘s website here.

Allison is an MIT chemical engineering grad who came out with a fabulous line that focuses on helping 20-somethings start early on anti-aging — not that you have to be in your 20s to use it! I’ve been using it for a few months now and my skin seriously feels so soft. Took about a few weeks to see (and feel!) the difference but the results were totally worth the wait.

So without further ado, from now til 11pm EST on Tuesday 4/14, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win Face It’s anti-aging Smooth Eye-Perator eye cream (normally $50, and one of my personal favorites, seriously!) and the Helping Hand Hydrating Cream (normally $22) which will both come a super cute black plastic makeup bag, compliments of Allison herself. Yup, that’s a little over a $70 giveaway right there.

All you gotta do is get crackin on those comments.*


*Each person is only entered once and will be picked at random. I’ll email the winner Wed 4/15. Good luck!

36 thoughts on “The recession can suck it: BATF’s first beauty giveaway!

  1. Summar

    Since I’m a regular commenter on these posts, does that mean it upps my chances?

    It better or I’m going to quit commenting altogether haha. Just kidding, but seriously, if that eye cream gets rid of typical desi bags under your eyes, then I’m def interested!

  2. shyema

    haha i love reading comments so those frequent ones are for my own happiness — this one will be fair and square though!

  3. tania

    omg i love this eye cream….do i have to post more to win lol … it really changed my life

  4. Siddy Q

    med school has taken a toll on my eyes… would be nice to have some eye cream……*hint hint*

  5. Sarah

    ok well as a dedicated commenter and someone with legitimate major dark circle issues who’s been on a lifelong quest for the perfect eye cream that actually works, i really think i’ve earned it. In fact I think you owe it to me for never having recommended it before, despite having intimate knowledge of my dark circle trials and tribulations! additionally, i’m the oldest commenter on here so yeah these youngins don’t need anti-aging stuff, tell them to wait their turn!

    the end.

  6. Jess B.

    I have about 4 anti-aging/under eye circle creams/’treatments’ on my dresser at this moment…hoping one day that one of them will kick in and start really working…i’m getting scared bc i should NOT have these many wrinkles in my eyes at 24!!! so help save me !!

  7. Jess B.

    and if unfortunately i dont win this give away i think bc you reccomended it, i’m going to try it anyway. now before i crawl out of your buttt i’m just going to say PICK ME!

  8. narima azam

    shy, i have serious dark circles and i am ageing soo ….. no giveaway to family. this rule is only applied to johnson and johnson company right….

  9. jumana

    wow. mom is cute. give it away to her. OF COURSE. shes MUMMA.
    honestly. i have the worst dark circles in the fam (bc of mom) so this should be sent to 126 n. neltnor for the boht of us.


  10. Juliet

    I heard about Face It through a beauty editor at work and was lucky enough to be one of the first people to get their hands on this fab line of products. I have super-sensitive eyes and really bad allergies (my lids swell up if I even think about approaching a beauty counter) so I’ve never been able to use anything on them — until now. The Smooth Eye-perator is a miracle — and I seriously have tried every pricey goo out there. Not only can I use it regularly without any irritation, but it even improved the delicate skin around my sockets. And I’m 30, so this is a big deal!

  11. laura

    I want to try, but as a grad student I’m broke! Give me a chance to get rid of stress lines!

  12. Richard

    I remember taking chemical engineering lectures with Allison at MIT. If there was one student whose advice I would seek on beauty and beauty products, it would be her! By the way – great idea having a giveaway; my g/f will be excited if I win :-)

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  14. Jess B.

    I had a dream with you last nite where I gave you a pair of D&G aviator style…i think that says a lot!

  15. shyema

    Tayyaba, to answer your question, it contains Matrixyl 3000 that promotes collagen production and is prescribed for wrinkles!

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