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Do you have a signature scent?

April 12, 2009

And I’m not talking B.O. — though if you do, you might wanna handle that.

It’s really hard to find the perfume or cologne that suits your body chemistry. I remember when I was 11-years-old, I was obsessed with getting my hands on cK One ($32) which was all the rage back then (and sidenote, it just relaunched last January). I finally saved up enough to buy my own and it was my prized possession. I kept it in the bottom drawer of my desk next to my money jar, and would only carefully remove it from it’s box now and again to dab only the tiniest bit so it would last me, I hoped, for a very long time.

Then one day my cousin was visiting, and we spritz some on ourselves before going downstairs to eat. My aunt took a whiff of us and made a face.

“What are you wearing??” she asked me.

“Why? It’s just my perfume.” She inched a little closer, and proceeded to sniff me.

“It really doesn’t suit you.”

What?? I didn’t know certain perfumes don’t compliment some people. At that time, perfume was perfume and it smells the same way to you as it would to me. She then sniffed my cousin.

“Yeah, this suits Muna,” she continued, “But not you. You need something more flowery.”

And that was my rude awakening that pheromones do exist, and not all scents mix well with your own. Eventually, I moved on to Lancome Miracle ($75), which my dad had gotten in Paris before it was available in the US. I wore it everyday, proudly telling everyone “Oh, yeah, it’s not here yet.” I was such a brat. But then it did come out here, and slowly all my friends started getting their own, so I again, moved on.

It REALLY hit me in college, when I would use BCBGirls Metro ($66). I seriously got stopped all the time from people asking me what I was wearing. Finally found my scent! Since then, I’ve found Armani Mania ($65) and Dior J’adore ($56).

And, guys, take note — the right cologne does make a difference. Get the right cologne and girls will notice. Though it’s a double-edged sword: pick the wrong one and we probably won’t forget. Now, I don’t have the best memory, but there are two times I distinctly remember guys wearing the most offensive colognes, and I can still pick out the scent. You can thank our brain’s limbic system for that, which closely connects your sense of smell with emotions. Just don’t do it, k? Thanks.

To figure out which scent suits you, do this:

1) Grab a sample from a department store, or specialty store like Sephora, spritz some of you desired fragrance on and ask a friend to smell it for you right away.

2) Wait and hour and spritz it again. Still liking it?

3) After ten more minutes, apply it one more time, and ask your friend if it suits you. If you’re still digging it and your trusted pal does too, you found a winner!

Do you have what you consider you’re own signature scent?

11 thoughts on “Do you have a signature scent?

  1. shyema

    ahhaah why do men’s perfume/body spray ads go so far to show how desirable the right cologne will make you? I love the cartoons..guess the marketing ploy works huh?

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