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Do you lie when people ask you what fragrance you’re wearing?

April 14, 2009

I run into people who are super protective of their scents all too often. On one hand I get it, since it starts to become a part of something people automatically associate you with. But on the other, the same perfume doesn’t always smell the same on different people.

I can literally recall a few times where I’ve randomly asked a woman in a store what perfume she was wearing cuz it just smelled so good, and they respond with, “Ohh! I totally forgot the name.” Righttt…

Got me thinking. When people ask you what perfume or cologne you’re wearing, do you lie?


2 thoughts on “Do you lie when people ask you what fragrance you’re wearing?

  1. Hajera A.

    haha..i can definitely relate to this. Not that I lie, but when my sisters want to use my perfume, I end up letting them use an old one or one that I never wear. Im way too protective of my scent.

  2. narima azam

    well i did come across women who dont disclose their brand of perfume when asked they say — well i forgot to look up the name of this colgne my friend gave me—–Also when people say you smell good i usually dont disclose what im wearing i just say thank you.I supose that doesnt come under lying..

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