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And today, my nails are…

April 19, 2009

KO's "Powder", $22

White. I used the KO nailpolish in Powder, the same brand as the black polish I used on my nails earlier, so it has that similar matte finish. I noticed that white is a lot less forgiving than black, so you have to be careful of streaks and will look best on manicured nails…not that I took heed.

I’ve done white a longgg time ago when I was just a middle school youngin and my dad thought it was really weird. I actually saw Heidi Montag (barf) wearing it on The Hills last season, and it made me miss it. Found a pic of her with the white nails but I also think it looks a lot better on shorter nails like Scarlet Johansson‘s below:

Scarlet and Heidi rock the white -- coincidentally, both celebs I'm not crazy about

Scarlet and Heidi rock the white -- coincidentally, both celebs I'm not crazy about

Thing is, most white colored polishes are so sheer, it’ll take you several coats to get something to look solid like this one. Another reason I think I’m in love with KO. Still have to try the baby pink from them. Next!

Which one are you feeling so far, this or the black?


PS For all of you who think I just sit at home all day and polish my’re right.

2 thoughts on “And today, my nails are…

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    There’s nothing wrong with sitting at home and polishing your nails :) And I’m not just saying that because I do it too…

    I think I prefer the way the black looks, but having said that white is a little more interesting and seldom seen. After Chanel’s Black Satin ( was all the rage a little over a year ago, I think there was a little bit of an overdose of black nail polish doing the rounds. Sometimes it’s fun to do something different.

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