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Feather heabands: yaay or nay?

April 21, 2009

Lookey what my friend Aminah picked up while we were roaming in Soho during her visit to NY. I love these feather headbands, and especially this dark green/blue/black variation she picked out. So of course, I asked her to send me a pic when she wears it out. The only reason I haven’t gotten my own is I couldn’t decide which of the different variations I love more (brown feathers? polka dot? peacock? They all looked so chic and 1920s).

I guess I’ll just deal with admiring them on my friends from afar. Sigh.

What are your thoughts on the feather headband trend?


2 thoughts on “Feather heabands: yaay or nay?

  1. mahnaz mohiuddin

    i loved this website,ur products look great………i would certainly like to try them and see how they work on me…….shyema how r u ????long time no see love ur profiles……..

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