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BATF’s Giveaway #3: More from Face It!

April 23, 2009


Ok guys, sorry this is late, but we have some more goodies from Face It!! This time, Allison Gallo has agreed to giveaway her Daily Defender Day Cream with retinol and lactic acid (orig. $40) and Dream Beautifully Night Cream with collagen-stimulating Matrixyl 3000 (orig. $45), AND once again, the black makeup bag we gave with the first giveaway.. I’ve been using this religiously for a few months and my skin has been so soft since. Just today, a facialist told me my skin has “great elasticity” (*cough it’s cuz of Face It).

So I know everyone’s skin is different, but here’s your chance to try it out yourself! From now until Thurs, April 30th 11 pm EST, leave a comment on this post and tell me something fun you’re going to do this summer, and you’re in for this $85 giveaway!

If you’re having any trouble adding a comment, please email me your comment at Make sure to leave your name/URL/email since that might be causing the problem!


PS Just found this great NYLON article about Face It! Checks it out.

Fine print: only US residents this time as well folks!

22 thoughts on “BATF’s Giveaway #3: More from Face It!

  1. Jess B.

    Oooooo ive heard great stuff abouut retinol

    I’m goiing to Lalapalooza Aug 7-9, Kings of Leon, Federico Aubele, Glasvegas, Santigold, Radiohead…some of what to look fwd too!!!

  2. Jess B.

    Do you have any exciting plans for the summer? and don’t say weddings…they are NOT exciting …lol

  3. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Hmm…trying to hit up the Beyonce concert in June and have about 5 – 6 weddings, which yes…are not always exciting…but they will entail some travel that might be interesting.

    I’m trying to get to Europe some time later on in the summer…in desperate need to go back home!

  4. Aamna Farooq

    I’ll will go on a cruise around the Caribbean for a week! I’m really excited. I might also go sky diving and finally go to one of the plays at central park.

  5. Sarah

    I’m going to Maine and Montreal, and then of course various weddings. I kind of want to investigate what these other boroughs have to offer. Oh and I’ll be playing with The Cutest Nephew in the World™ as well.

  6. Siddy Q

    i’ll be stuck in dc doing rotations :(. butttttttttt you should come visit, and that way ill have something super fun im doing this summer!!!

  7. Farah

    This product sounds awesome. I’ll be in nyc…working and grad school and one week in Cali for my cousin’s wedding :)

  8. sadia

    let’s see…my summer consists of weddings/wedding affiliated events galore.
    In between all this, I try to hit up as many concerts as possible.. Jay Sean, hung out with Craig David, and next up; No Doubt. I am trying to go to Turkey after all the weddings before Turkey moves over to the euro!…and if that happens..a new face moisturizer is def needed =)

  9. shyema Post author

    Yes! My plans are traveling and concerts — for ONCE the weddings aren’t taking over my summer plans.


    bitter unmarried woman.


  10. Summar

    Haha I for one have tons of weddings to attend…and perhaps some traveling, which I believe you were supposed to be a part of too? We need to get cracking if we are!

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  12. Zee

    spending a month travelling through greece, macedonia, montenegro, croatia, slovenia, and maybe may make it all the way up to prague – if you want anything from those places let me know! also… did you go to chopsin’s yet?!?!?!

  13. Erica Sung

    working at my dads pharmacy unless i find another summer job loll =[ and definitely hitting up the beach a lotttt. and hopefully/possibly going to korea in late august hahah and zee your SOOO lucky!!! that sounds awesomee

  14. Jumana

    hate these give aways. cuz i’m not qualified. cuz. i’m family.

    this summer. i am not spending my forth of july in jersey. </3

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  16. mehak

    this summer i will turn 25 and be ecstatic about it? bc i still get carded at rated r movies. success.

  17. Sana

    I had no idea you had a blog…the Lost status caught my eye :)
    anyways I’d love to have a chance at this giveaway sooo my summer plans consist of me moving back to Chicago!!

  18. Sanober

    Ok….so I’d like to give this giveaway thing a try…believe me, I could use some retinol for sure. I’m a first-time reader of your blog, so I think that qualifies me automatically to be the winner!! Right? :-)

    Not sure if you really want to know my summer plans, but they involve a lot of travel(within the US), weddings and graduations…nothing I’m crazy about!

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