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Have you ever had a product you LOVED get discontinued?

April 23, 2009

I’ll go first: Yes. Clinique SuperLast cream lipstick in Nude Bloom. Broke my heart when a friend working behind the counter tipped me off that they’re not going to make them anymore. I stocked up, but this was well before I discovered Three Custom Color Specialists. This company is awesome because they fully customize your makeup based on your preference (Want a little shimmer? Cream-to-powder blush? Can do) which is great if you’re having trouble finding your perfect color, AND if you send them a swab of your beloved discontinued product, they can recreate it for you. For reals.

If you don’t have a sample of the shade on you, you can check their archives to see if they have it already in their database. To make your color or have a discontinued shade re-created, price starts at $36.50 for two and $18.50 to re-order (ps, you can even name it!).

They also make their own products. Their Spring 2009 “Seychelles” line, inspired by the vibrant colors co-founder Chad Hayduk found on his trip there, just came out.

It consists of their medium brown Coco De Mer shadow ($22.50), Frangipani sheer lipstick ($21.50), and Peacock Flower gloss ($21.50) all available on their website!


6 thoughts on “Have you ever had a product you LOVED get discontinued?

  1. Sarah

    i just saw this on jezebel

    and i could totally relate, as Lasting Curls is the product I used when I discovered my curls. i had major loyalty to it as well. but unlike the writer here, i could never jump on the spray gel bandwagon,bc its not strong enough for my thick curls. glad to hear lasting curls is back, i may have to check it out, even though i’ve long since moved on to biolage gelee.

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