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Which X-Men gal had the best hair?

April 24, 2009

X-Men was my all-time favorite Saturday morning cartoon to watch back in the day. I thought it was so cool that the Marvel comics-based show about mutants with super powers had powerful women characters too. My favorite was always Rogue. I thought her super power was fascinating — she couldn’t touch anyone for too long because the longer she did, the more she would absorb their strength, powers, and memories. Helped in bad times, not in good as the show portrayed.

Of course, I have to relate this to something beauty (oh yes, I am). Comic females always have hyperbolized feminine features, including their hair. Hope there are some X-Men fans out there who would recognize the ones below, but which X-Men woman below would you vote for having the coolest hair: Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, or Jubilee?

Jean Grey

Jean Grey








9 thoughts on “Which X-Men gal had the best hair?

  1. marie

    Jean Grey was my idol.

    Can you tell me why beauty products work great at first but then stop working at a certain point? Do companies do that on purpose so we have to use different products?

  2. shyema Post author

    I think it’s less conspiracy than that :) It could be a mix of seasonal, hormonal, or even environmental conditions. I have to constantly switch it up to keep up with everything. Like recently, had to stop using my face scrub cuz facialist said my skin was getting too dry.

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  4. shyema Post author

    I think I vote for Rogue too — she was my favorite in all shapes and forms…Jean Grey had too much guy drama :)

  5. sadia

    it’s a toss up between jean grey (love the volume and the firey redness)…and storm… (the silver/white hair is good for her..but i feel like i’d look 80.)

    what does one use to get that voluminous/shiny/sexy hair look shy?

  6. shyema Post author

    I guess Jubilee gets no love…sad.

    Sadiaaa have a variation of what you’re asking for in a post coming up — with different hair textures/environmental conditions/products, so many ways to get there..

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