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Hate eyeshadow creases?

April 25, 2009

Uhh..yes! (Don’t you love how I answer my own questions?) 

But anyway, it’s always been a problem for me. Nothing ruins your eyeshadow faster than creases. Tis why I now keep Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion around.

You just apply the primer with the lipgloss-like wand over your lids (and note, the one that I have is the older version — they’ve come out with a newer wand that has a tilted tip for easier application). Let it dry and then apply your eyeshadow. Promises no creases all night.

Oh Oh! And they’re coming out with an champagne version with an even newer wand. You can get it at Sephora here. It’s a nice color you can wear alone and it doubles as a highlighter too.

Do you have any other tips or products you use to prevent creases?


4 thoughts on “Hate eyeshadow creases?

  1. Siddy Q

    I actually use F.Y.eye by Benefit. It’s slightly more expensive than the urbandecay primer, but I feel it works better and lasts longer.

  2. shyema Post author

    does lipstick prevent creases??

    Also, heard that eye–>lip = OK, but not so much other way around…I’m guessing cuz eye stuff is more lasting, but you always have your makeup on perfect you artiste, so I need to pick up more tips from you!

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