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This is how I roll in Sharon, MA

April 26, 2009


Hiya from suburban-Boston. Came here for the weekend, and the first thing we did is get some freshly churned ice cream from the local (3rd-generation owned) Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar.




I got the Mississippi Mud (coffee ice cream with oreos and almonds); SK, Beenish, and Sabine got the black raspberry, strawberry, and pistachio cones.

Have to say though, very disappointed there were no cows out in the fields that day. The weather was gorgeous though. So happy ice cream-weather is finally here!

Restaurant Info:
Crescent Ridge

355 Bay Road
Sharon, MA 02067


2 thoughts on “This is how I roll in Sharon, MA

  1. shyema Post author

    let’s not talk about SK and her serious lacking in ice-cream-devouring skills :)

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