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Cakes from Sugar Drop!

April 27, 2009


You need to know about SUGAR DROP in case you’re in need of ultimate deliciousness for your next party.

SUGAR DROP is Safia’s baked goodies biz that I tell EVERYONE about because they are just THAT good (maybe even more than that?).

She started doing cakes for her nephews’ birthdays, and her guests loved them so much, they began ordering them for their own kiddies’ parties. She can customize any cake, and can get pretty creative without sacrificing that amazing home-baked taste. Just FYI, her red velvet cupcakes are kind of something else.

No website here, just word of mouth (how’s that for exclusive?). She lives in the NJ/NY area so hit her up for your party needs:

Check out more of her cakes below.






OK, now tell me how fun these cakes look??

Drop her a line directly if you’re planning a birthday/baby shower/party, etc: Prices start at $100.


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