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OPI nailpolish goes matte!

April 29, 2009

"Russian Navy" to be in matte soon!

"Russian Navy" to be in matte soon!

Sorry if I’m hitting this thing over the head, but looks like other nail companies are catching on to the matte look!

OPI just announced their going to launch OPI Matte in six of their most popular shades.

Best part for those counting change, it’s only $8.50, compared to $20+ of other brands. Bad news — no black polish as of yet. It will come in white, indigo, hot pink, taupe, dark purple, and neon green, and available starting this July at salons!


PS. Totally unrelated, but just your last reminder to enter in the BATF Beauty Giveaway #3! Tonight’s the last night to enter before I draw a lucky name!

6 thoughts on “OPI nailpolish goes matte!

  1. sadia

    omg!!! loveee this color!..i think i was wearing it last time you were here!…good to know opi is bringing it out in matte =)

  2. Erica Sung

    lol this is in response to the “Lost” makeup artist tips sicne somehow i cant comment on that one but i was just wondering what your favorite bronzer is? lately ive been becoming obsessed with bronzers and i just bought the terracotta sheer shimmer light one in blondes 01, but im contemplatin gon returning it and gettin brunettes 02 since its more peach toned. ahhh and i wanna get laguna too hahaha

  3. shyema Post author

    Oh Erica!! I’m sorry, I’m having issues with that post — I might end up re-posting that whole article again to fix it.

    To answer your question, I love Cargo bronzers personally, although they might be too shimmery for most. Emily Katz actually told me great bronzers for different skin tones, which I’ll put in Part II. I think NARS Laguna is too ‘brown’ and might make you look like you have harsh lines, so it’s better if you know how to contour (but not for that ‘sunkissed’ look). I heard great things about Guerlain Terracotta though. Keep reading for Emily’s recommendations as well!

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