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BATF’S Giveaway #4! Enter now!

April 30, 2009


(I know you love my awesome illustrations).

Well, the sad news is we’re at the last Face It giveaway…the good news is you can still win their newest ReFresh Facial Cleansing Scrub ($24) (I haven’t even tried it yet!)! Again, the winner will be chosen by the luck of the draw, and you’ll be getting the scrub and the black makeup bag!!

To enter: All this X-Men talk has made me super excited for X-Men Origins: Wolverine out May 1st yayayayaya!

Leave me a comment here by THURSDAY MAY 7TH 11pm EST and let me know which summer movie you’re excited for (or saw recently that was really, really good), and you’re in!

Good Luck!


12 thoughts on “BATF’S Giveaway #4! Enter now!

  1. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Uhm…Inglourious Basterds, because Tarantino/Brad Pitt combo is going to be awesome. Although not a fan of the WWII films.

    Bruno, cause Sacha Baron Cohen is hilarious.

    And embarrassed to admit it but also the new Transformers :) Oh and My Sister’s Keeper, because I’m a sap.

  2. Jess B.

    hmm I just saw Xmen which was did not dissappoint! I’m looking forward to Angels and Demons bc i read the book like 3 years ago…hmm Star Trek bc that one guy is so gorgeous!! Transformers should be a trip!
    probably a lot more, i’m a sucker for a good preview and if they do a good enough job..i’m sold!

  3. Summar

    Bruno, cuz that man is insane!

    Also, can’t deny it, I kinda wanna see Transformers too…

  4. tayyaba

    saw wolverine! pretty good, although made me want them to re do xmen all over again… looking foward to gi joe and transformers 2.

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  6. Yasmin

    I LOVE X-Men AND Hugh Jackman AND Wolverine AND Gambit…and I was pretty disappointed, especially because I was so excited about this movie initially. :( Oh well.

    I’m hoping Terminator will be good, as well as Inglorious Basterds. I’ll probably watch Angels and Demons, but I don’t know if I care as much. Up looks like it’ll be pretty funny, and is it too nerdy of me to admit I wanna see Star Trek and Harry Potter? (Levar Burton was the man in my elementary school days).

  7. Erica Sung

    i just saw Xmen the other night and even though im not really into those type of movies i thought it was pretty good! ooh and i wanna see ghost of girlfriends past!

  8. shyema Post author

    Ok this is the first time I’m hearing about some of these movies, which shows how out of the loop I am — including Bruno, Half Blood Prince, and Inglourious Bastards..ohh i really want to see transformers too!

  9. Jumana

    this summer. im making a movie. does this comment count? or am i not allowed on these give aways? fml.

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