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Why my hair feels awesome (and healthy) today.

April 30, 2009

infusium23Infusium 23’s (Frizz)ologie Leave-In Treatment. Admittedly, the intimidating size of this bottle has made it an unused item in my bathroom for too long. It actually looks like it could last a lifetime.

Last night, I decided to break it out and see what it could do. The directions say to leave it in wet or dry hair and just style as usual, but it was a little confusing since the substance is so watery. I just put a lot and combed it through my hair, then braided it and went to bed. In the morning, I washed it out and did a quick blow dry before work.

While I was eating breakfast, I noticed my hair felt extra smooth but not weighed down. I didn’t want to get too excited too quickly, but now as my day is winding down, I still can’t get over how soft and strong my hair feels. I don’t have curly hair, but I could imagine it’s great for curly or frizzy types since it’s specified to treat that. It’s a lot less messy than hair oil, and though I’m a little confused at why it’s so watery (maybe since it’s light enough so the directions don’t mention that it should be washed out?), I’m definitely going to keep it up maybe as a bi-monthly ritual. Can’t hurt, right?

Infusium 23 (Frizz)ologie Leave-In Treatment is available at major retail and drug stores for about $6.99. for info.


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