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Concert hair: messy waves

May 4, 2009

My waves

My waves

I had a gift card for a blow out at Priv√© salon in Soho, so I thought I’d use it before the Lady Gaga show the same night. The stylist, Aaron, asked me how I wanted my hair done. I shrugged and just told him I was going to a Gaga concert and deferred to him. He said it should be fun and wavy, so he blow dried it out straight first using a round brush, and then began making these fantastic waves. I told him I could never do on my own, so he showed me exactly how it’s done:

1. Spray the piece to be curled with texturizing spray. It’s less harsh than hairspray.

2. Hold on to the bottom end of the piece you’re going to curl and use a 1 1/2″ curling iron and curl hair around the iron WITHOUT clamping down.

3. Keep holding the bottom piece, and after rounding your hair around the iron, then clamp down slightly for 30 seconds. Hold the iron horizontally or else it will get too spiral.

4. Unclamp and let hair fall out of the iron by itself.

5. After you’re completely done, spray a little more texturizing spray and tousle with your fingers.

Aaron also went over some of the strands with a brush and just slightly teased the ends. He also got a little fancy as he was doing the top layers of my hair and was alternating between the 1 1/2″ curler and a smaller 1″ curler. I thought it was perfect, and even after the crazy, sweaty concert where I was basically pushed from side to side the whole time (more on that in the next post), my hair still held its waves. Success.


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