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Adele is the most adorable woman ever.

May 6, 2009

Adele at Roseland Ballroom!

Adele at Roseland Ballroom!

OK, I’m so sorry if you’re totally sick of me posting videos of the concerts I went to this week, but I really can’t get over British singer, Adele’s, performance last night at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC.

Besides having the most incredible voice, she was just the sweetest woman! She was so down-to-earth, apologizing profusely for being “so nervous” and chronically thanking everyone in the crowd, her band, and label throughout the show. It’s actually hard to believe she’s won two Grammys already and wrapping up her tour. She even thanked SNL: “I want to thank Saturday Night Live, because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here right now. And I guess Sarah Palin too, because if it weren’t for her maybe not as many people would have been watching.” In the middle of the show, she asked the audience if she could take a picture of us from stage to put up on her MySpace!

The cutest part was she got bags of candy she was throwing to the crowd throughout the show, and even passed out more in bags later on (“Don’t be greedy, ok? Just take one and pass it on!”). It’s also hard to believe she just turned 21 — that night. I can’t believe a voice so powerful was coming out of a 21-year-old! Her mom surprised her with cake and balloons on stage. She’s somewhat of an lovely anomoly all around.

I taped some of the good stuff for you guys. Enjoy!

I just want to sit down and have tea and chat with her, don’t you? She is. So lovely.


4 thoughts on “Adele is the most adorable woman ever.

  1. Jess B.

    i love Adele. i ve been a fan of hers for years and im so glad ppl are getting to hear her now bc it is a treat!
    i love chasing pavements video!

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