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Do you have (makeup) packing tips?

May 6, 2009

Photo Credit: Scouts Base

Photo Credit: Scouts Base

I’m a terrible over-packer. I need to get better about it, and I’m trying. When I went to Boston, I managed in only a backpack, which was an accomplishment for me! Though, when you think of it only being a 2-day trip, I guess not so much.

I’ve tried to juice it down to my essentials, but it’s not easy! Thought maybe you guys can dispense a word or two of wisdom for me: When you travel, what bare essentials do you take with you? Your makeup essentials especially (though i totally wouldn’t advice on more than just that)!


5 thoughts on “Do you have (makeup) packing tips?

  1. Jess B.

    last time i traveled i got those space bags, bc lets face us girls just dont know how to condense….they save soo much space and can be re used so theyre realy great.

  2. Anika

    eyeliner and an eyelash curler is all you need!
    unless you have bad skin then you need foundation and then that usually washes out any color in your face so you need blush and then for those of us who are pasty white, bronzer is a must. and i guess you should pack some eyeshadow in case you go out somewhere nice and some mascara oh and concealer for the next morning….

    shit. maybe im not so good at this.

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