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Have you ever bought a beauty product off an infomercial?

May 7, 2009

Source: Laugh Lady

Source: Laugh Lady

I’m an infomercial junkie. I try not to get sucked in, but it’s just so hard to look away — like the longer you watch, the better the deals get until you can’t take it anymore and before you know it, you’re ordering an oversized tub of body butter un-needed body butter that comes with not one, but TWO keychains they’re throwing in for absolutely free!

So yes, I’ve done my fair share of infomercial ordering. If you really must know, that includes Proactiv (and it probably worked for a few months until it..didn’t); Bare Minerals (I’ll have to share my mixed feelings about later); Sheer Cover (call it a Bare Minerals knockoff that covered a little too well and less sheer…like until my skin changed color-well); and — when I first realized how much an addict I am — Jane Seymour’s Natural Advantage skin cream set. Yes, I ordered Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman’s anti-aging regimen. I remember sitting in my apartment dialing and thinking, “Am I really ordering this anti-wrinkle set at 24?” I kept telling myself I’m doing it for the free moisturizing cream they were throwing in — and for the brighter skin that the ladies on the infomercial had. It actually wasn’t half bad, though I canceled before I could get a second round of it.

So I’m wondering, Have you ever ordered anything off an infomercial? And more, did it actually work for you?


3 thoughts on “Have you ever bought a beauty product off an infomercial?

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  2. priya

    ordered a microdermabrasion kit once because of a very compelling informercial. for the first week i was ecstatic and claimed to whoever would listen that my skin really did look brighter and felt softer. but i got a little scared that i was rubbing away with a scrub that felt way too grainy and what if i was doing it all wrong? so i switched to the origins fruit based scrub which i LOVE.

  3. shyema Post author

    yeahhh scrubs are really tricky, because they can turn on your fast — just make sure not to over do it. Really you shouldn’t need it more than once a week or every other week!

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