Hello from Morocco!

May 19, 2009

Looking out at the Mediterranean

Looking out at the Mediterranean

Hi everyone,

SO SORRY once again for falling off the face of the planet. Had a very interesting time going from France through Spain to Morocco, where I am now. During my last day in Paris, the internet stopped working at the rental I was staying at, and I have limited internet while I’m here..but promise I’m taking lots of pictures that I’ll post up when my vacation is over soon (sad…about vacation ending, not posting up pics!).

I’ll just say really quickly that I haven’t had ONE bad meal in Morocco yet — everything is so fresh and yummy. And the Moroccan mint tea here is just magnificent! The best tea I’ve ever had. I did get to talk to a lot of Moroccan women as well for a story I’m working on, and got a lot of interesting beauty tips. The people here are also so beautiful…ahh so much to tell you all!!

Don't want to leave :(

Don't want to leave :(

Will definitely update you all soon…until then…


5 thoughts on “Hello from Morocco!

  1. Nadia

    The mint tea is SO good. I wish I had more of it while in Morocco. You should also try Poms. It’s this apple-flavored soda. Delicious!

  2. Mariam

    Hey there!
    Love your site :) And can’t wait to see your reviews on Morrocan food.
    By the way .. see if you can get a hold of Argan Oil.. that stuff is an amazing beauty product, and you can’t get it in the USA unless it’s already in some makeup product (probably barely any in there).
    You can use it for hair and skin and even eat it.

  3. shyema Post author

    I love that you all are so on point with your suggestions! That’s an upcoming post! you’re totally right, mariam.

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