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Mint tea at Café Hafa in Tangier, Morocco

May 24, 2009



One of our afternoons in Morocco was well-spent at the relaxing and celebrated Café Hafa in the La Marshan quarters. It has a stunning view of the blue ocean, and has been serving the same delightful mint tea since 1921, which we think has a hint of ginger and honey. We’ve had some pretty phenomenal mint tea here already, but this tops them for sure.

I knew some celebs had frequented this place as well, but didn’t realize how many drank the mint tea at this very spot until I read more into it — it’s seen the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, The Beatles, Tennessee Williams, and Paul Bowles to name a few.

Even found this random video on YouTube which will tell you probably anything you’d want to know about Hafa:

Good thing I took pics!

At Cafe Hafa

At Cafe Hafa

Restaurant Info:
Café Hafa
Rue Hafa
90000 Tandscha
Tangier, Morocco
[note: this was the only address I found online, so if any of you know it to be different, just let me know!]


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