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Exciting cupcake news!

May 26, 2009

CupcakeStop's Psychedelic Tie Dye cupcake

CupcakeStop's Psychedelic Tie Dye cupcake

This is so exciting, I’m practically foaming at the mouth.

CupcakeStop is a new cupcake truck that will make stops throughout NYC with exact locations being twittered throughout the day. And the treats on their website look absolutely brilliant!

They officially launch Wednesday, June 3rd, so mark it on your calendars. They will also be using Facebook and their website to keep you posted on where the cupcake truck can be found. Everything is made from scratch, and they take flavor recommendations so time to start brainstorming! They will also have an assortment of tea, coffee, and other lunchtime treats.

Ok, now don’t tell me that does not excite you too?? Sorry non-NY’ers, maybe if you lobby for it, they’ll bring a CupcakeStop to your city too??

Mini cupcakes will be $1, and regular sized ones are $2.25. Check our their website for more details and a peek at their fabulous flavors:

Twitter page:


8 thoughts on “Exciting cupcake news!

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  2. Shoaib

    lol@above post..

    this concept is so awesome. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a SANDWICH truck?? Lets do some sandwich runs for my upcoming blog

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