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This is random, but how do you unclump lashes?

May 31, 2009

I NEVER wear liquid eyeliner, mostly because I’m just not adroit enough to apply it evenly. Ever since Emily Katz’s tips on how to apply though, it’s been getting easier. I finally gave in, and tried to use it for my friend’s wedding on Friday, and it was and it was actually not half bad. I guess keeping your eyes slight open whilst applying works wonders.

So the thing is, I used Wet n Wild’s H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner (which is only $4 and works great by the way). The only problem was I got a little on my lashes, and it’s so waterproof that I couldn’t unclump them at all! I wanted so desperately to separate them somehow but I didn’t have remover on me, and I didn’t want to force it to separate because I was afraid of pulling it out. I also just finished my eye makeup so I didn’t want to mess it up, so I just applied mascara over it and hoped no one would notice.

The whole ordeal reminded me of that scene in Charlie Wilson’s War, where Julia Robert’s character is seen doing her makeup, and after applying her mascara, she takes a safety pin to separate her lashes.

JR separating lashes with a safety pin in CWW movie

JR separating lashes with a safety pin in CWW movie

Of course, that WOULD be the scene that I remember best. I wonder if anyone really separates their lashes that way. I reckon that’s not the safest method, and wouldn’t recommend it…though I have to admit, I did find myself in a desperate moment looking for safety pins (thankfully, didn’t find any).

It’s finally naturally washing out (after a couple days now!), but made me think – how do you separate your lashes? Do you have any useful tips for me if you find yourself in a predicament like I clumsily did?


11 thoughts on “This is random, but how do you unclump lashes?

  1. Mariam

    Ok so I’m commenting on every post today :)
    regarding lashes.. I’ve used an old toothbrush or those little combs that are supposed to help you unclump lashes.. they come with tweezers I think or brow grooming sets I’m not sure.. but I always thought they were for unclumping lashes.

  2. shyema Post author

    Oh that’s a good tip! And kudos to you for figuring out what I was even saying in the post cuz i JUST realized half of it was missing somehow! I just updated it. Sorry about that folks!

  3. sadia

    ok so in high school i saw some latina cholitas unclump they’re heavily clumped up mascara with safety pins in the bathroom! I didn’t want to stare because I was afraid they’d beat my up, but the quick glances alone reminded me of the ocular violent disturbing scene in Clockwork Orange. I would NOT recommend using a safety pin, one wrong move and you can go blind!!…. to this day i still don’t know what works =(….i just take off and reapply…. but it’s annoying….

  4. sidd

    i’ve used mechanical pencils to seperate my lashes. similar to the safety pin, but less gouge my eyes out risk. :)

  5. shyema Post author

    yeahh, i wish i could have just reapplied, but it was like a few minutes before leaving for a wedding! And mechanical pencils is a new one! I’m assuming we make sure the led is not sticking out? :)

  6. jumana

    unclump lashes?!?!?! blasphamey. ask haji. i taught her at a really young age that IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CLUMPS. infact, ask her to sing the song i made up about clumps :)

  7. Siddy Q

    no you use the lead sticking out. otherwise its not thin enough to separate the lashes. ive also heard of people using toothpicks.

  8. shyema Post author

    the lead thing doesn’t make me feel particularly safe either…toothpicks? maybe..i guess all pointed tools near the eyes make me nervous

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