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LOVE this new perfume: Gucci’s Flora

June 8, 2009

Flora by Gucci

Flora by Gucci

Since my aunt proclaimed I need a “flowery scent,” I bee-lined for Flora by Gucci at the store the other day. It’s actually the first Gucci perfume I’ve ever been really into. Most of them just seem too strong for me.

Smells like you’re taking a stroll in a field of flowers, with mid notes of rose and Osmanthus flowers, top notes of peony, and base notes of patchouli and sandalwood. The combination is sweet and summer ready.

Flora is $90 for the 2.5 oz, and $65 for the 1.6 oz.


PS. Did I tell you that I’ve decided to start celebrating my birthday on June 14th instead of January 14th from now on? The weather is just so much nicer, and yes, I’m accepting gifts of all the beauty kind *cough cough*.

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