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Our Hummus-Kebaab snacks in Paris

June 9, 2009

We got a quaint little apartment that we rented when we went to Paris, and we lucked out with a clean, comfortable space.

The few shots I took of the actual place!

The few shots I took of the actual place!

Maybe we should have cleaned up more before I took this pic...

Maybe we should have cleaned up more before I took this pic...

We decided to save some money after our $26 latte ordeal and take advantage of our kitchen by buying some groceries. We bought the basics: milk, cheese, a loaf of sesame bread, and sugar. I had brought cardamom tea packets, which we’d use the milk and sugar and fix ourselves some chai every night. I also (don’t laugh) had brought some kebaabs from home, which my aunt swore up and down I would thank her later for suggesting. She was totally right.

The guys next door were leaving Paris, and gave us some new food they didn’t want to throw away. Among them was a jar of hummus and onions. We used that and got a little innovative to make our staple snack for the rest of the trip:

We cut up slices of the sesame bread loaf (the bread here is really amazingly delicious!), and spread hummus on it. Then I cut pieces of the kebaab and placed it on top; I also chopped some onions and fried it and topped the kebaabs with it, and finally, put cheese on top and a little pepper. I just warmed it up in the microwave to melt the cheese and, voilà!

Hummus-Kebaab bites

Hummus-Kebaab bites

Especially with the French bread and cheese, it had a different taste to it that was both filling and delicious!


One thought on “Our Hummus-Kebaab snacks in Paris

  1. Jess B.

    that looks sooo satisfying and easy to make, definitely going to try it!! if i could i would put humus on everything!

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