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Free men’s haircut and products for the laid off!!

June 9, 2009

Reamir & Co. salons

Reamir & Co. salons

Just in time for Father’s Day, men’s salon Reamir & Co. just announced free hair cuts on June 16th and 17th for father’s who have been been laid off due to the recession. Check out their many locations for a free cut!

They are also giving away free products valued at $37 each from June 18th – 20th. Just go in with proof that you were in fact a victim to this ridiculous economy, and you will get a shampoo and conditioner, or other grooming goodies from their line which is natural, based on essential oils, alcohol-free and without harsh detergents and artificial colors.

Now be a good son/daughter and pass this along to your Pops! Speaking of which, do you have any Father’s Day plans? It’s right around the corner on June 21st!


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