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Manicurists sells belongings to build a school

June 12, 2009

Lidia Schaefer

Lidia Schaefer

Very cool CNN story passed on to me by my friend Joynal.

Washington manicurist, Lidia Schaefer, went back to her native Ethiopia to find children walking hours to get to school. When one of the girls she knew was attacked and killed by a hyena on the way back from school, she felt she had to do something to help.

Schaefer started to put money away to help build a school closer to them. “I was working two days for the school and four days for me,” she said. Soon, after she sold her home and car. She finally raised over $250,000 for the school, completed in 2006.

Today, nearly 1,500 students are educated in the school, which boasts an eight-building campus with 16 classrooms, a science lab and library…Schaefer has indeed inspired many others to follow her example. When Ethiopian communities around the United States heard about what she’d been able to achieve, they launched an effort to build more schools in her region of northern Ethiopia.

To read the rest of the story, see: Manicurist sells house, car to build school


3 thoughts on “Manicurists sells belongings to build a school

  1. hajera a.

    I just saw this news story on cnn this morning. She works for three days just for the and everything. its really amazing.

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