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How to tame those pesky cowlicks

June 13, 2009

Suki Duggan of Donsuki Salon

Suki Duggan of Donsuki Salon

I know all about cowlicks — those baby hairs that grow in a spiraly pattern, that may be in the back of your head but, like me, can also show up by your hairline. I think I have the weirdest hairline because of them (yes, them…two on either side as I learned today).

I went in to get a haircut and deep conditioning seaweed treatment by the vivacious Suki Duggan, owner of Donsuki Townhouse Salon on Madison Ave., and she gave me a great tip on how to tame your cowlick:

It might seem counterintuitive, but instead of trying to blowdry them down flat, blow dry them up and in the opposite direction of their growth.

Then, brush them down in the direction they should be. It will blend in with your hair, and won’t be as obvious. She used a flat brush on me to do this, but she said you can use any brush you’re most comfortable with.

Salon info:
Donsuki Townhouse Salon
19 E. 62nd St.
at Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10021


3 thoughts on “How to tame those pesky cowlicks

  1. shyema Post author

    I TOTALLY forgot to take a pic while i was there, but she just re-did my layers so nothing too different…plus i’m growing out my bangs so it’s still in a weird in-between stage :)

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