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What is High Definition (HD) makeup?

June 16, 2009

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, $40

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, $40

I just realized you all probably need a food-post break. Good timing too because I just got a new foundation I’m obsessing over.

Being the liquid foundation-phobe that I am, I found myself for some reason repeatedly going back to the beauty counter to try out Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Cover liquid foundation. It took me a good month of convincing since I had bid adieu to any liquid foundation a long time ago, but the application just seemed so flawless I finally bought it last weekend.

So let’s discuss.

What is HD (High Definition) makeup?
Now that the higher resolution HDTV will soon be an omnipresent phenomenon, makeup companies have been gearing their makeup to address the need for better coverage — after all, now that it’s said to be magnifying up to 6x more than regular TV, you can’t be caked on. Talk about up close and personal.

Now, makeup artists are turning to technological advanced makeup that is supposed to look undetectable (invisible to HD lenses!), but still able to cover up flaws.

HD makeup then works two ways: (1) It has superfine microparticles that blend really well with the skin, and (2) it has light-reflecting pigments that work with a broad range of lighting.

The idea is that skin (or makeup colors) look good up close on screen or for everyday, since it diffuses pores and smooths out your complexion. A lot of people tote on its ‘airbrushed’ finish.

Which makeup brands have made “HD” makeup?

  • Cargo’s Blu Ray line (ranges from $20-$29)
  • Make Up For Ever’s HD Line (ranges from $30-$40)
  • Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation ($38) and High Definition Concealer ($18)
  • Dior Capture Totale ($75)
  • Do only HD foundations give you a flawless finish?
    The short answer is no. The main thing to look for is light-reflecting micropigments in your foundation, and whether it’s marketed to be suited for HD or not, it should give you similar results. Also, many HD formulations have the same ingredients as mattifying or anti-aging foundations.

    Maybelline Mineral Power foundation, $10

    Maybelline Mineral Power foundation, $10

    All that said, I’m really loving this Make Up For Ever HD foundation since a little goes a long way, and if you find the right shade it looks like nothing is on. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the pump — when you’re running low (as some of the testers were before I bought it), it kinda splatters. They need to fix that problem pronto. But the contents are gold.

    If you’re not looking to spend 40 big ones, Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting liquid foundation has microminerals and has a lightweight, velvety finish. It’s another foundation I couldn’t resist after trying, so I picked this up at the store one day too. I just don’t like that I can’t color match on myself beforehand, so if you’re good at doing that from the bottle itself, you should try this one. Price: $10.

    Have you tried HD makeup? What do you think about them?


    5 thoughts on “What is High Definition (HD) makeup?

    1. Yasmin

      I’ve been using Bare Minerals for the past few years, because it did the best to not make my skin break out…but it broke out again recently, and now the powder stuff doesn’t give enough coverage…I’ll definitely be trying on of these, I think.

      Also, I’ve been using the Face It wash the past couple of weeks, and I really like it. It’s a little bit more abrasive than I expected, but my skin feels pretty refreshed and scrubbed afterward – I’ll have to keep using it to give you my final verdict 😀

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