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Jon & Kate Plus 8, not counting that thing on her head

June 23, 2009

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin

OK, I’m apologizing in advance if this is a super delayed reaction, since I just watched my first ever episode of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 last night. I know there is all this random controversy surrounding the marriage of the twins+sextuplets’ parents that I don’t read much about since I don’t even watch the show, but ANYWAY, this is not about that.

This is about how I could barely focus on the heartfelt confessionals of the two parents, as they tell the world about their decision to separate, because I kept thinking how I just can’t figure out Kate Gosselin‘s hair. I know, this is the part you think I’m heartless, but I’m really not trying to be mean. Don’t tell me those of you who were watching and not yet desensitized to this didn’t notice her hair too!!

What is it? No seriously, I don’t get it and it’s bothering me. Like I said before, I appreciate the combination of a good dye job + healthy looking hair (seriously, her hair was gleaming while she was struggling not to cry) but what is that spikey thing in the back? Is it supposed to represent a cool mom ‘edge’? It kinda creeps me out because it looks like a porcupine got stuck up there and became part of the dye job. I’m just sayin’.

What are your thoughts on Kate Gosselin’s hair (entirely assuming you think of these random things that I apparently do)?


7 thoughts on “Jon & Kate Plus 8, not counting that thing on her head

  1. Yasmin

    LMAO, I love this post. Kate’s hair used to be so normal, and now it’s like some kind of reverse mullet.

    Actually, I’m feebly protesting the show, ever since the awful premiere, because I loved the (exploitation of) the cute kids, not the annoying parents fighting all the time.

    Anyways, I agree, I reaaally don’t understand it at all, it just seems another symptom of the insanity their lives have become.

  2. jumana

    jon, kate plus 8 was ALL i watched for like 5 months straight. you dont know how heart broken i am. i havent even read the tabloids yet, i totally look the other way when i see them.

  3. Yasmin

    I think I will kidnap Aaden, Alexis, and Cara, and then let the rest of the family implode on their own.

  4. sidrah

    omg i love their kids..they are adorable! but have you ever seen kate BEFORE her makeover? she was a hot mess. she surgery’d her way into a hot body but her hair is still disgusting. i agree with one of the posts, i feel like its a modern take on a mullet. not cute. at all.

  5. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Personally, I think the likes of Jon and Kate and Speidi are everything that is wrong with this country.

    But since we’re talking about the hair…that is about the only thing I picked up from whatever commercials I’ve seen or pics on tabloid covers. She could very well have tied with Ryan Seacrest’s early-Idol highlights for worst hair on commercial television.

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