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La Boqueria, Barcelona’s famous food market

June 24, 2009

My friends Katie and Horacio (aka HorKat) just came back from an incredible honeymoon all over Barcelona and Southern France (jealous much?).

I just saw the beautiful pics, including these from the famous and colorful Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria (or La Boqueria) marketplace off the busy La Rambla street. It dates back to 1217!

Chocolate and sweets from La Boqueria

Chocolate and sweets from La Boqueria

Juice never looked so purty

Juice never looked so purty

I love the rose chocolates, and I didn’t even realize those were juices in the second picture! Looks like fun, colorful lollipops to me :)

Here’s some more history for you:

The first mention of the Boqueria market of Barcelona dates to 1217 when tables were installed near the old door of the city to sell meat. From December 1470, a market selling pigs occurred at this site. At this time, the Market had the name Mercat Bornet or was (until 1794) simply known as Mercat de la Palla (Straw Market). At the beginning, the market was not enclosed and did not have an official statute, it was regarded as a simple extension of the market of Plaça Nova which then extended to the Plaça del Pi.

Later, the authorities decided to construct a separate market on La Rambla, housing mainly fishmongers and butchers. It is not until 1826 that the market is legally recognized and a convention held in 1835 decides construction of an official place. (

A foodie dream. Sigh.

Market Info:
La Boqueria
Ciutat Vella
Rambla, 85-89, ZIP: 08002
00 34 93 318 25 84
(Open everyday from 8am to 8:30pm. Closed Sundays)


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