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Travel feasts: Seafood in Paris

June 24, 2009

More travel-blackberry pictures!

I’m not a big seafood person, which is probably why you don’t see much of it on here! But never to deprive you, my friend sent me some pictures he took while in Paris last year. I’ll have to get the name of the restaurant, since he couldn’t remember at the time, but he said the cost for two people to eat there was $400! I told you that place is beautiful but it ain’t cheap.

The first one is sea urchin that he said was “surprisingly decent.”

Sea urchin

Sea urchin

fancy snapper

fancy snapper

Yeah, see, I don’t know if I could down that. Thanks for the pictures though!

If you have any food pictures you want to see posted, email them to me at (if you remember the restaurant name/location/price, please include that too!).


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