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Attention bikini and brazilian waxers…

June 29, 2009

Not to totally freak you out, but I just read an article from Women’s Health about unsightly infections coming about from, ahem, Brazilian waxes. A girl landed in the hospital soon after getting waxed, though with the proper screening practices, you can avoid the same drama. They also provide tips to protect yourself, including:

  • Choose a facility carefully. See how clean the place is, or ask a friend to recommend a trustworthy source. Make sure the salon has the proper licensing.
  • Ask about the wax. “Hard wax is best. It’s gentler and adheres to the hair, not the skin,” Kinley says. “Speed wax, which is soft and sticky, is applied with a roller applicator, and while it’s fast and easy, it’s more painful and more likely to tear skin.” Sugaring, a natural method that’s kinder to the skin than waxing, is a good alternative. Look for products that are chemical-free; Shobha ($22, contains nothing but sugar, water, lemon juice, and glycerin.
  • Know the signs of infection. Any redness, itching, or burning, go to the doc ASAP.
  • For more tips, read the full article here.


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