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Authentic Turkish food from Istanbul *drool*

June 30, 2009

Ok ok, trying to calm down because these food pictures my friend Sadya just sent me make me want to just jump in the computer screen and feast. Is that weird? I wish we could really do that.

But anyway, Turkish food is my Achilles’ heel and I’m dyinggg to go to Turkey to try their authentic dishes. For now, will have to settle for these amazing food pictures from Istanbul.

Mixed Kebaab platter, 50 lira (about $30)

Mixed Kebaab platter, 50 lira (about $30)

Sadya said this platter is a mix of various chicken and adana kebaabs that easily fed 5 people.

Iskender kebab (sometimes called Alexander Kebab)

Iskender kebab (sometimes called Alexander Kebab)

Pouring ghee over the kebaab!

Pouring ghee over the kebaab!

From Sadya:

These two pictures are from a place in bursa called Kebapci Iskender, famous for their iskender kebabs. They literally pour of pan of ghee over each one of our plates when they bring out the food.

They are about 13-14 lira each, so about $9 a plate.

Oh man, all that ghee definitely doesn’t make for a heart healthy meal, but it’s supposed to be amazingly good, and happy stomach–>happy person. Can I go to Turkey now?

Thank you, Sadya, for the pictures!

Restaurant info (for the Iskender kebaabs!):
Kebapci Iskender
Imam Lion Foundation Yanı, Gemlik
Istanbul Road, BURSA
(+90 224) 5148360
For more locations, check HERE.


5 thoughts on “Authentic Turkish food from Istanbul *drool*

  1. jumana

    pouring ghee over the kabab?!? isnt that heart attack worthy? gaross. BUT i would still eat it. no lieee.

  2. priya

    just that visual of ghee over kebabs giving me a virtual heart attack! i wonder if this is why those chapli kebab like burgers were so good. ughh.

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