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Budget eating at the high end XIV in LA

July 31, 2009

Note: SO I have an awesome guest blogger, Melissa Stephans, who will be giving us regular updates on LA beauty and food!!! I’ve been meaning to get more West coast picks in here, so I’m really excited to have her indulging us :) Hopefully, once I get to relaunch, I’ll include more detailed author bios! Her first entry below:

terrace-xiv-waterNot all the effects of the economic crisis are that bad, you know. Take restaurants like XIV by Michael Mina for instance, which are trying to lure diners back to the table with budget-themed menus. Every day between 5pm-8pm, The Terrace at XIV offers a special “6ix on Sunset” menu featuring six cocktails and six dishes for $6 a piece.

OK, I know that people-watching on the Sunset Strip while feasting on the exquisite creations of a two-time James Beard Award winner (think Oscars for foodies) for only $6 sounds too good to be true, so here is the full scoop: While this is a great place to meet friends, oogle L.A.’s pretty people, and grab an inexpensive drink, don’t come hungry for more than a bite-sized treat.

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Pheromone infused-soaps?

Testers in the pheromone study

Testers in the pheromone study

Found a really interesting article about pheromones in The New York Times. Soap brand, Dial, hosted a study where they blindfolded nine women and asked them if they would pursue a guy based on scent alone.

Three guys used a body wash with pheromone scents, three used a non-pheromone scent, and the last three just worked up a sweat and used nothing at all.

Identified by American scientists in 1959, pheromones are believed to be part of a chemical communication system that signals reproductive readiness and affects other animal behaviors.

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That giveaway you’re all patiently waiting for…

Will be posted first thing Monday morning…I’m just re-organizing how it’s going to go, but it will be well worth the wait! :)


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Why this cheesecake is so special

July 30, 2009

havana room

Cuz you probably won’t ever see it unless you’re a (likely cigar-loving) member of the private club, Grand Havana Room (no, I’m not. I wish I was that important). I wonder what the hazing process is like actually.

My friend said it was creamy and not too overwhelming — even the raspberry sauce which he normally doesn’t like was good. Perfect end to a lobster meal.

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Doing very cliché things in Buffalo, NY

So, what do you do when you flight leaving from Buffalo back to NYC gets canceled? Stop for buffalo wings — at least that’s what nine brown people came up with.

Family style

Family style

We were directed to Duff’s Famous Wings and took advantage of the lunch special: 5 wings with a side of chili and fries for about $5.95 I think.

Duff's buffalo wings

Duff's buffalo wings

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A little mascara trivia

I was reading about the origins of mascara and found some interesting tidbits:

  • Mascara dates back as far as the 3400 BC, where the Ancient Egyptians blended kohl, crocodile dung, honey and water. For reals.
  • It is said to have been applied to ward off evil spirits and the ‘evil eye’.
  • The first packaged mascara was made by Maybelline in the late 1800s. They created a cake mascara using petroleum jelly. Instead of a tube, it was a creamy solid mixed by a wand to apply.
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