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DeLuscious bakery teams up with Borba for anti-aging cookies

July 1, 2009

Deluscious Cookies

Deluscious Cookies

This is kinda interesting. Skincare brand, BORBA, known for making topical products coupled with (nutraceutical) drinks and treats to treat skin woes, has partnered up with DeLuscious Cookies + Milk bakery in LA to make cookies with anti-aging properties that also contain ingredients to even out your skin complexion. The two flavors, oatmeal raisin and chocolate white chocolate toffee (above), contain 9 vitamins and minerals, including flaxseed, omega-3, and queen of antioxidants, açaí.

This is not the first of its kind. There’s also Frutels, for example, who claim their dark chocolate will rid you of acne (and offers you a full refund if you’re not happy within 60 days). I tried a sample of the cookies, and they taste just like any other cookies (prefer the oatmeal raisin one! yum…the toffee was too sweet for me), but I’m afraid indulging for the skincare benefits will lead me to another issue — a weight one. I’d say unless you’re willing to drop a little more coin, try a vitamin-infused drink instead, like Borba’s yummy drinks, that come in “Anti-Aging,” “Clarifying,” “Replenishing,” and “Firming” formulations.

Though I’m curious: have any of you ever tried drinks or food that claim skin or other beauty benefits? What has been your experience with them? Or just general thoughts welcomed. I’ve tried many that I’ve come across, but never long enough to tell what’s worked or not!

DeLuscious Cookies + Milk Powered by Borba sell for $24.95 for six. Frutels are $37.95 for a one month supply.


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