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Random question: What do you put in your coffee?

July 1, 2009


I’m not a coffee addict, but I can always go for a latte. I have a bad habit of using sugar substitutes like Splenda in my drink though (it’s just sweeter…I have a bad case of a sweet tooth).

My little cousin in on a campaign to stop the family from eating any artificial sweeteners because of its counterintuitive side effects (you may save on calories now, but it also causes you to eat more…sorry, you can’t trick your body into thinking its getting the real thing!), and of course controversy surrounding it’s potential cancer risk.

OK after writing that, I feel bad about my Splenda use…but anyway, it made me curious: What do you put in your coffee?


10 thoughts on “Random question: What do you put in your coffee?

  1. aminah

    my kinda talk 😉

    btw – if i’m drinking coffee –> sugar is required. espresso, less so, as long as there’s some milk involved. isn’t that weird? espresso has a stronger taste, but is it’s own, i guess.

  2. mehak

    4-5 packets of sugar depending on the roast :( 2 spoons in chai.

    but no cavities (mA)!? yay.

  3. shyema Post author

    whatttt?? i’m actually impressed..i get cavities just by looking at candy.

    Espresso–wayyy too bitter for me!

  4. Mike H

    and did you know each packet of splenda actually has 3.3 calories? i got this from wiki …

    “Although the “nutritional facts” label on Splenda’s retail packaging states that a single serving of 1 gram contains zero calories, each individual, tear-open package or 1 gram serving contains 3.31 calories. Such labeling is appropriate in the U.S. because the FDA’s regulations permit a product to be labeled as “zero calories” if the “food contains less than 5 calories per reference amount customarily consumed and per labeled serving.”

  5. shyema Post author

    The lies…I can’t handle the lies…Zero calories is on their box!!!!

    By the way, I tried putting sugar today in my coffee — it was so not the same. sad face.

  6. Sabrina Siddiqui

    I am also addicted to Splenda, and it’s awful. I don’t drink coffee, but if and when I drink chai/iced tea/etc., I always put one packet of Splenda. It used to be two, but lately I’ve cut to one in light of the same counter intuitive effects you speak of.

    I also replaced my diet sodas with the ‘zero’ equivalent for a period (Coke Zero, Sprite Zero) for the same reason that they are sweeter via the use of the sugar substitute. Lately I’ve tried to revert back to regular diet (not that the chemicals in there are all that great)…ugh, sugar is my nemesis.

    I’m that person who can often be found sitting on the couch eating pie… just on a regular evening for no apparent reason. God bless the creation of the gym.

  7. Sarah

    i dont drink coffee. or tea. or soda. i don’t need to add things to my water. thus i cannot contribute to this post. but i will comment anyway.

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