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Today’s What-Not-To-Do-In-Public: clipping your nails

July 1, 2009

Is it really mean that I felt compelled to take a picture?

Is it really mean that I felt compelled to take a picture?

I was on the subway this morning and I kept hearing this distracting click-clacking noise. I looked up to find that it was coming from a woman leisurely clipping her fingernails with a big nail cutter.

That’s not cool people. What if one of her nails flies into the person’s eye sitting across from her?? Ok, extreme example, but that’s all I kept thinking. Let’s file this under “things not to do in public”…thanks.

Am I being too harsh? I just think there are some things you should take care of at home!


7 thoughts on “Today’s What-Not-To-Do-In-Public: clipping your nails

  1. AvedaBrunette

    Ok this is something you NEVER NEVER EVER do out in public. I totally agree. And what if it DID fling in someone’s eye or coffee or anything. EWE!!!

    p.s. I just came across your blog today while I was on MarieClaire’s web site and i love it!!

  2. shyema Post author

    aww thank you AvedaBrunette! Is it really creepy that i’m answering so quickly? i just heart new commenters :)


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