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And the winner for creepiest ‘beauty’ trend goes to Japan’s bagelheads

July 2, 2009

No, that’s not a slur…I was at ends with sharing this because I can just barely look at it myself without throwing up a little in my mouth. But it’s real, and we must face reality. is reporting that a new “beauty” trend in Japan consists of using saline drops to cause over-the-top inflation and swelling, that is then malleable and molded to one’s liking — even to the shape of a bagel (hence the name)…Some have been reported to even use food dye to color their bumps. And yeah I had to take the pic down cuz it was grossing me out..You can see it here.

It lasts for a night, but reported side effects have been headaches (surprise, surprise), skin stretching, and infections among others.

OK. I’m done with gross posts for a while.



5 thoughts on “And the winner for creepiest ‘beauty’ trend goes to Japan’s bagelheads

  1. Katie

    thanks for sparing us the picture. but since i opened it myself, now i dont think ill have to use any Sensa today. that took care of the appetite suppression.

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