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Stila’s 24K lipgloss…complete with a bindi?

July 6, 2009

Stila 24kt Lip Gloss

Stila 24kt Lip Gloss

I literally just posted below about the 24K gold pomade, and now I get an email about 24kt lip gloss! This time from Stila. Though, apparently this is infused with 24K gold.

But check this — each bottle comes with a handmade Indian bindi on the applicator. No really!! It’s part of their “Indian Summer” 24k gold collection, which also has a bronzing powder, shadows, and smudge pots.

I love how creative beauty product packaging can go. What do you think?

Stila’s 24kt shimmery lip glosses are available now for $22 at


3 thoughts on “Stila’s 24K lipgloss…complete with a bindi?

  1. everything exotic

    i’m so glad i’m brown and don’t have to pretend our culture is in only during certain seasons — dupattas all-year ’round, yeah!!

    the bottle’s cool though, can you take the bindi off and don it for all the others who wish they were brown? haha. ok. i’ll stop.

  2. sidrah

    btw this lipgloss and some other stila makeup is 50% at in case you or your readers are interested =)

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