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What does the first date restaurant say about a guy?

July 8, 2009


Random thought: Where a guy takes you to dinner can be really telling of his personality…we agree, yes?

At least I like to think so. Especially in NY where there are so many choices of restaurants and cuisines, he picked the one he did for a reason. SO, just to make it fun, I came up with my own totally biased take on first-date dinner choices.

If he takes you for:

Italian: Totally safe, borderline boring…that, or he’s just too really nervous to disappoint. Though, there are some that can make great date places, like my favorite Da Andrea in the West Village.

Sushi: I’m going to say for me, clueless. He obviously has no idea of my likings/dislikings, because I’ve decided I’m not a sushi person. Though a fun, sit-on-floor type sushi venue that has it’s own unique charm or one where they prepare the food in front of you, will give him brownie points. For girls who love sushi, there are so many in the city, so make the venue interesting.

Mexican: Shows he’s more fun and upbeat, like the ambiance at many Mexican restaurants here. Suggestions: Dos Caminos, El Rio Grande, and honorable mention for the Champaign, IL restaurant I miss oh-so-dearly: Dos Reales.

Middle Eastern: Totally depends on the place, but I’m telling you right now if you know there’s a belly dancer who’s going to make things awkward as she dances around me and simultaneously is doing her hip thrusts as you slip her some bills, I’m walking out. So yeah, that roughly translates to him being inattentive…just do your research.

Upscale: Overcompensating. I use the term loosely, but I’m talking about those stiff upscale places. A first date at the likes of Cipriani is a bit much, don’t you think? Also makes me think what he’s expecting out of this. JUST a thought.

Pizza restarant: Similar to thoughts on Italian, and though there are some nice pizza restaurants, you don’t want a guy to take you to a place you can take yourself (and what you might have had for takeout for the past three days).

Thai: He’s full of surprises, leaning towards good ones. I always find thai to either be really good, or just horribly wrong. The food though normally always has a twist (extra spicy, random scallops buried under your noodles) which keeps it interesting.

Brunch: He’s relaxed and family-oriented. It’s such family food, and you can almost not go wrong with it, though it’s still not ideal I’d say for the first date. Suggestions: Sarah Beth’s, The Eatery, Whym, Clinton St. Bakery, Falai. I love brunch.

Turkish: It might be love (kidding). You all know my feelings on this so I’m just going skip to the suggestions: Pasha, Istanbul Café, Ali Baba’s, Turkish Kitchen.

Fusion food: I just hope his love for variety in food doesn’t necessarily translate to women. Just sayin.

Chinese: I’m assuming if he takes me to Chinese, he knows a really good one, so guessing he’s been into trying new places. I do actually really like Chinese food, but same with the connotation as far as take out food in NYC goes, I wouldn’t prefer, but still wouldn’t mind. Suggestion: Chef Yu.

Tapas: Adventurous. He likes trying different things, and doesn’t mind sharing. Not a bad choice.

Steak: Though I would never turn down good steak, first thought would be that he’s definitely into his own interests first since he’s picking the most “guy-food” ever. That, or he considers me one of the guys.

Indian: Biased perspective…but why are you taking me out to eat Indian food when you should know or at the very least, assume, that my mom is the best cook ever. Because she is.

Do you girls (or guys) have your own conclusions to add to the list?


9 thoughts on “What does the first date restaurant say about a guy?

  1. some guy

    tapas is great… dos caminos SUCKS.. zarella’s in midtown east is fun so is rosa mexicana… otherwise how about a fondue type place like the bourgeois pig or a fun bistro place? what do i kno… im just some guy…. looking for love in all the wrong places

  2. shyema Post author

    I’m not too keen on rosa mexicana…the original bourgeois pig closed..that one was the best and perfect.

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  4. Sabrina Siddiqui

    Haha…sadly I have no experience in this, so I wouldn’t have a valid opinion, but I just wanted to drop a line to say this was really fun to read. Do more posts like this! :)

  5. Anika

    What does it say about a guy if he takes you to Buddakan? Totally overcompensating right?

  6. Katie

    For Mexican: Rocking Horse in Chelsea is the best place around and romantic. Also, Crema on W 17th for upscale stuff. Me and my Mexican hubby also like Rosa Mexicana (the wall with all of the divers is still pretty cool). And for a sceney option: Cafe Habana in Nolita…although it’s billed as Cuban, it’s basically Mexican. Good for hipster couples or mid-day dates.

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