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Sea thai bistro in the East Village

July 10, 2009

This was one of the first thai places I ever tried in the city. It used to be my favorite, but I don’t know — recently I feel like the quality has been dwindling a bit.

Triangle Curry puffs, $4

Triangle Curry puffs, $4

Bangkok Panang Curry, $9

Bangkok Panang Curry, $9

Drunk Man's Noodle, $9

Drunk Man's Noodle, $9

The curry puffs tastes like a subpar samosa. The panang was good, but I think it’s hard to mess up panang chicken. My friend liked her Drunk Man’s noodle dish though!

I also went to the Willimsburg location recently (random trivia: It was the same restaurant Zac Braff‘s character worked in at the beginning of the film Garden State). That one is has a way more loungey/club vibe. Even though the decor and massive Buddha is impressive, almost everything our group of 10 ordered was disappointing!

Prices are decent, but I’m sure there has to be better thai in the city. Let me know if you know of any! I usually stick to hole-in-the-wall Wondee Siam in Midtown West. They have a yummy panang chicken there. I know, I really need to broaden my horizons as far as thai dishes go.

Restaurant Info:
Sea Thai Bistro
75 2nd Ave
btw 4th & 5th St
East Village


2 thoughts on “Sea thai bistro in the East Village

  1. Melissa

    Sea has the BEST Tup-Tim Fritters EVER! They are ground shrimp/chicken balls that are fried (sorry) and paired with a deliciously tangy sweet & sour sauce. Around $4 to $5.
    Try them!

  2. shyema Post author

    I will next time! Funny enough, I saw that on the menu when I checked back to get the prices for the pictures and I was thinking, why didn’t i ordered that???

    Their Queen of Siam Basil with beef is pretty good too..

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